Chef Gaby Green

“Mexican cuisine, like many cuisines around the world, has been passed down from one generation to another. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters continue to transfer their knowledge and elaborate on traditional recipes with different iterations within the generations.  Mexican home cooking uses basic and sacred elements all the way from Mesoamerica, which has made great contributions to the rest of the world – corn, beans, cactus, chiles, green and red tomatoes, huauzontle, cacao, peanuts, avocados, zucchini, vanilla, amaranth, amongst others.

Chef Gaby GreenA native of Mexico City, I acquired my culinary knowledge through family; first my grandmother, then my mother and now myself, strengthening my culinary vocation. Mexican cuisine constantly goes through interventions and reinterpretations. My passion stems from a celebration of inherited traditions. I prepare a few pre-Hispanic recipes that are still popular like Huazontle en chile pasilla (black pepper), Pork with Achiote (Mayan condiment), nopales, atole; recipes from the time of the Mexican Independence like Chiles en Nogada from Puebla, along with fish and seafood recipes with Veracruz style. I also include recipes which are my own invention to existing dishes like Chiles Anchos con Tres Quesos, as well as light vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes.

My culinary experience has grown stronger during the years I have been cooking commercially in my restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, along with the local cooking classes that I conduct. I truly enjoy creating new concepts in organic Mexican cuisine.”

                                                                                                                              – Chef Gaby Green –