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Marvelous class!

“Thanks so much for a marvelous cooking class yesterday! Your teaching style is perfect for my learning style. I truly appreciate your willingness and ability to “veganize” just about any recipe, without sacrificing flavor, texture, color, or appearance. I learned a lot and will be making these dishes when I’m back home.”

- Rebecca -

Homemade tortillas!

“Thanks for teaching us how to make tortillas.” 

- Hayden, age 7

 “Great time…the food was so good.” 

- Roman, age 10

Loved our time with Gaby!

“I am vegan and before our trip to SMA, I wrote to a few cooking schools to see if they would be able to offer something for me and Gaby’s La Fonda Rosa was the only one! She was incredibly flexible with the plan for the class and even sent me a menu of what we would be cooking for my approval. I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately, I became pretty ill the day before and wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it. Luckily, I summoned the energy, because it was a delightful few hours. My husband, who doesn’t cook and was basically coming to humor me, had a wonderful time as well. I wasn’t able to eat a lot of what we prepared, but it was all delicious and I’m looking forward to recreating the recipes at home. The best part, though, was getting to know Gaby and enjoy the warmth of her stories and home.”

- Amy -

So much fun!

“So much fun and so informative. Gaby is so warm and engaging and full of passion for what she does and the culture and history of San Miguel. We felt like we made a friend who we could connect with on a return visit. The highlight of our visit!”

- Shar -

Wonderful class!

“Thanks so much for the wonderful cooking class!  I love cochinita pibil and now I will be able to make it at home because now I know what achiote paste is and what banana leaves look like. The next time I’m in San Miguel, I will definitely sign up for another class.”

- Marilyn -